Side jobs (Pizza, not anything dirty)

So, I’ve been busy the last few months with a side job. Not a CNC related one; just a regular ol’ extra job. Mainly because money continues to be a thing I need if I don’t want to live in a box. I have been slinging pizza for the man, because I can’t sling rocks. […]

Scenes of SpaceX

Made in LA

As it turns out, we here in the LA-area aren’t *just* better looking than all of you: we make lots and lots of stuff here. And not just movies. Planes. Clothes. Bombs. Tortillas. All of the stuff you need for daily life. Er, and then some.   NPR just did a really good profile on […]

hurco logo 2

Hurco Manufacturing Announces Major CNC Acquisitions

¬†Hurco Manufacturing announced two big acquisitions today. They are taking over Milltronics, from Minnesota, and Takumi, from Taiwan. Purchasing these two companies should make for a big leap forward for Hurco. That, combined with Hurco manufacturing’s very easy to use control should expand Hurco’s horizons. Personally, I have never used a Hurco CNC, but my […]

Offerings? Chips, more like!

So, it looks like scientists don’t know what lathe chips look like. I’ve swept up a lot of these offerings to the gods! “Oh thank you, Leblond, lord of the spinning metal, for another good turn. Ooommmmmmmmm….” Metal chips of the gods;

Krixis consulting

Web Marketing Your Machine Shop

A lot of machinist types don’t really pay attention to their website, I find. Even fairly established shops will have a site, and pretty much forget it exists after it is up. In the modern marketplace, that is a big mistake. There are a lot of potential new customers out on the web, who just […]

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