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5-axis DESKTOP Cnc!

There’s a startup company in Boszeman, MT working out the bugs on what will probably be the first desktop 5-axis CNC mill! That should bring some serious power to hobbyists and small shops everywhere! I may just have to open a shop on my patio.

Cool new bike with 3D Printed (DMLS) Parts

oaverview_3d_printed_bikeThe engineers at Evo Utility Bike have come up with a really interesting concept for a bicycle. It utilizes a modular shoe attachment system for mounting different accessories. The system currently uses 3D printed (deposition metal laser sintering – DMLS) parts, though it may use more conventional manufacturing in large production. Very cool stuff!

Variety of bike attachments

A wide variety of attachments can be added to a bike easily with this concept.

Cool GoPro CNC Machining Video

I came across this really cool cnc machining video on PracticalMachinist.com.

There are some great shots taken with a GoPro camera mounted in a tool holder. There are interior machining shots, footage of the inside of the tool magazine, and all sorts of stuff a machine shop geek would love. I should point out that I had nothing to do with this video; it was shot in a large CNC shop in the Portland area. It looks like they do some great work!

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