Versaball gripper by Empire Robotics

Versatile Robot End of Arm Tooling

One difficulty in using robotics in a shop is when you need a great deal of flexibility. Sure, if GM wants a robot, they are probably going to use it to do the same thing over and over thousands of times. They will use robot end of arm tooling systems specifically tailored to the dedicated […]

Oak Ridge Nat Labs 3D Shelby Cobra made with 3D Priniting

3D Printed Car | Oak Ridge National Labs Shelby Cobra 3D Printing

Ok, while the car that Local Motors built using 3d printing at the IMTS show was pretty impressive, this car is officially bad ass. I can say official, because President Obama and VP Biden checked it out, so it’s official. Really. The folks at Oak Ridge National Labs (“We don’t just make things glow in […]

Mendel 3D printer from RepRapPro

Is 3D Printing Dangerous?

When a certain type of person– teen to mid-20’s guys — find out that I am a machinist, often the first thing they ask is, “Can you make me a silencer?” Yes, and no I am not breaking Federal law so you can pretend you are James Bond. But no one really questions if mills […]

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